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About Giovanna

Giovanna Bonfiglio was born in Catania, where she attended the Classical Lyceum. She obtained her degree in Literature as well as a specialisation in the problems of colonisation and its resultant socio-economic developments.
She taught literary subjects, Latin and Greek, at the Lyceum in Enna, Adrano, and Paternò and at the Classical Lyceum Zucchi in Monza, where she spent the last 15 years of her teaching career. 
After retiring from education, she moved to France where she was able to finally dedicate herself to historical and literary research and to the writing of stories set in the recent past. She published her first book by the Italian title of Gli infiniti colori della vita, in November 2013. It is an historical novel set in the early years of the 1900s, in a part of the province between Catania and an isolated farmstead. 
The experience gained from her first literary work proved to be exhilarating, leading her to pursue her wish to present the public with facts and documents from the past, which she has done in this new historical novel.